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Professional 〝sticky tape coating machine machinery & materials〞 to create
JH-1010 Coating Laminating Machine
FB-168 Carbon Fiber Cloth Coating Machine
FCCL Soft Circuit Coating Machine
JH-C108 Heat Insulation Film Coating Machine
JH-1030 Solventless Silicone Coating Machine
JH-C126 Dip Coating Machine
JH-C105 Water Ceramic Coating Machine
JH-C087 Water Transfer Coating Machine
HR-1200 Ventilation Adhesive Cloth Making Machine
CW-400 Hydrophilic Medical Plaster Machine
JH-2010 Tape Release Paper Coating Machine
HST-300 T-die Hot Melt And Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Coating Machine
HSR-1400 Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine
KW-8010 Non-Carbon Paper (Coating Machine)
JH-3010 White Board Coating Machine
JH-SR001 Oven Type Slitting & Rewinding Machine
(Optional) High-quality Control Equipment
JH-1010 Coating Laminating Machine

Diversified manufacturing 

JH-1010 in the self-adhesive products on a variety of changes, exert a machine with many features, you can reduce the Purchase single machine at the platform, needed to spend a huge amount, this machine capable of manufacturing such as: label paper, laser tape , double-sided tape, double-sided foam tape, window film, advertisement film, grainy film, Photos protective film, Shoes material, textiles, electronic tape, medical tape, the diversity of products and so on.

Finished product picture
Product specifications



Roll Width (mm)

1400   |   1650   |    2000

Machine speed (m / per min)


Coating weight (g / sqm)


Coating fluid

Solvent system

Coating method

Comma roll coating way

Optional following coating method:

cut angle comma coating way

comma reverse coating way

wire bar coating way

Applicable conditions:
viscosity 1000 ~ 20000CPS
 Coating amount of 10 ~ 20000g/m²

Applicable conditions:
viscosity 1000 ~ 20000CPS
Coating amount of 10 ~ 20000g/m²

Applicable conditions:
viscosity, 1 ~ 2000CPS
Coating amount of 2 ~ 100g/m²

gravure coating way

three roll coating way

reverse coating way

Scope of application:
viscosity 1 ~ 3000cps
Coating amount of 1 ~ 20g/m²

Scope of application:
viscosity 1 ~ 2000cps
Coating amount of 0.8 ~ 5g/m²

Scope of application:
viscosity of 2000 ~ 10000cps
Coating amount of 10 ~ 1000g/m²

main machine assembly:

Winding type:

Air shaft type

Air chuck type


both side opening door type

unilateral opening

vertical take-off and landing type